Welcome to the O2 Collective

Your community for all things breathing.

Welcome to the O2 Collective

Your community for all things breathing.

The ‘Magic’ Of Breathwork—Revealed

The magic of this practice is that if you do it often enough, if you do it continuously—if you do it in enough different situations and circumstances, in different moments and activities—your system takes it on as a strategy.

It takes it on as a habit—and that’s when the real magic happens! Once you re-pattern your mind-body system, when tension comes into you, the breath comes out of nowhere and washes that tension away. Or, if your bliss—your ecstasy—gets dented, the breath comes in and lifts you up!

Conscious breathing is the transformational tool of our day. I believe there is an angel of breath alive on the planet because we are at a huge turning point.

Global changes are taking place. There is an acceleration, an intensification. We are on the verge of an evolutionary leap in consciousness, in human potential.

As we approach that shift, things get very intense and the breath is a perfect tool for dealing with that intensity.

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Hey! Dan Brulé here... 

I am a lifelong student and practitioner in the healing arts. I have been teaching over 250,000 people just like you across 65 countries, the fundamentals of breathwork and breath therapy.

The O2 Collective is a partnership created with practitioners of mine in Australia (Shane & Angie Saunders) who filmed part of my three day Breath Mastery Fundamentals event and turned it into an online course that you can access from anywhere.

Our mission is to train the people of the world to use the power of breath and breathing to relax and energize their body, focus and expand their mind, calm and balance their emotions, and nourish and uplift their soul.

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Learn The Fundamentals Of Breathwork

This is a course is based on 50 years of experience in the healing arts, learn the fundamentals of breath therapy from a life long student of the breath... Dan Brulé