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"Breath is the ultimate key to your well-being and if done right, it has the power to transform your entire life - physical, mental, and spiritual… and Dan Brulé is the master to show you how. I love his teaching and it’s made a huge impact on my life.

- Tony Robbins

Tony’s Message for YOU


A unique and brand-new course on the Fundamentals of Breathwork—the new model for health and well-being that merges respiratory physiology and behavioural neuroscience taught by Tony Robbin’s personal breath coach and leading breath-work expert, Dan Brule

Breathwork is the new yoga!

It is modern meditation.


A message from Dan Brulé…

Conscious breathing is the transformational tool of our day. I believe there is an angel of breath alive on the planet because we are at a huge turning point.

Global changes are taking place. There is an acceleration, an intensification. We are on the verge of an evolutionary leap in consciousness, in human potential.

As we approach that shift, things get very intense and the breath is a perfect tool for dealing with that intensity.


If there is one theme that has been universal for the more than 40 years I have taught Breathwork, it is that change is the common denominator.

People are intuitively drawn to the breath when they:

  • Desire change
  • Are about to go through a change
  • Are recovering from a change
  • Are in the middle of change.

Breathing is the ideal tool, a bridge or force for navigating change.

When you change the way you breathe, you change something so primal and fundamental that the effects carry over onto every other level of your being.

If you are trying to change something in yourself and you haven’t explored your ability to change your breathing patterns, this is the first place to start.

High States & Extraordinary Abilities Are Available To Anyone

Yes, That Means You!

The synopsis of my book, JUST BREATHE, is based on the idea that the high states and extraordinary abilities that we normally associate only with the great masters, saints, gurus, mystics and the legendary warriors of modern and ancient times—those same abilities and high states are accessible to anyone. (And not necessarily through years of practice or training that involves remarkably high risks.) 

I assure you that it is not necessary to meditate in a cave for 20 years, or crawl through the desert on your knees for 100 miles, to achieve enlightenment.

Those ways and methods might have worked in the past, and for some people, but we live in different times. 

Time itself seems to be accelerating. Evolution is accelerating and so must be the methods that we use and turn to.

I honor and respect the ancient traditions, but it is not my job to preserve them.

In fact, very often, my job is to destroy them, rebuild or reshape them to suit the needs of our time.

I have been kicked out of many schools and have outgrown almost every teacher I’ve found. I have been ostracized and I have voluntarily bailed out of a number of communities. I like that and I have no problem with it. It’s something that suits me.

Can You Invest 1% Of Your Time Per Day To Growth?

You probably breathe 20 thousand times a day. If you could use just 1% of those breaths—200 breaths—that is not a big investment. So, 200 times a day, take a conscious breath. Although some would say, “Whoa! 200 times a day? That’s a lot!” But that’s only 1% of the breaths you are given!

If you are not willing to invest 1% of what is given to you, if you are not willing to take advantage of that, then you are not really interested in growing or healing.

You cannot use the excuse that you don’t have enough time or money or that you’re too busy. You can’t get away with that. The work is too simple, too easy.

Dan Brulé

The ‘Magic’ Of Breathwork—Revealed


The magic of this practice is that if you do it often enough, if you do it continuously—if you do it in enough different situations and circumstances, in different moments and activities—your system takes it on as a strategy.

It takes it on as a habit—and that’s when the real magic happens! Once you re-pattern your mind-body system, when tension comes into you, the breath comes out of nowhere and washes that tension away. Or, if your bliss—your ecstasy—gets dented, the breath comes in and lifts you up! 


Your system has already taken on certain breathing habits and patterns.

For example, in moments of fear, pain, stress, sadness or confusion, most people unconsciously hold their breath (or they over-breathe).

Without realizing it, you have already trained your breath to serve you in some way—to avoid, block, suppress or escape powerful feelings. Yet, we have to feel in order to heal.

The point is that the breath is already working for you in ways that may not serve you!

We are running ancient programs that were designed to protect us from saber-toothed tigers. When was the last time any of us had to defend ourselves against a saber-toothed tiger? And yet, we are carrying habits, patterns, programs and strategies that were designed for that.

They have outlived their usefulness and they are now in our way.

Time and time again we see that the simplest things... make the greatest difference.

YES, I love simplicity! Access the Fundamentals Course Now


"I’m sceptical of nearly everything. I’ve trained with the navy, helped an NFL player get on a team, raced Grand Prix Motorcycles – all high stress environments. What works? Train. Eat. Sleep. That’s what works. But wait a second, enter Dan Brulé and his Breathwork. To me, this technology is the fourth pillar of achievement. It makes a HUGE difference in performance, and I am all in! Welcome the Fourth Pillar and welcome Dan Brulé as your coach."

Oren Klaff
Author of 'Pitch Anything'

"Just Breathe is a timely and essential book for our challenged world. Dan Brulé is a true master and deeply inspiring. His information is free medicine that will not only bring you optimal health but also expand your consciousness."

Mark Divine
Retired Navy SEAL and New York Times Best Selling Author

"Dan Brulé weaves together breathing physiology, psychology, and spirituality in uniquely practical ways that most anyone can learn for improving health and performance."

Peter M. Litchfield
Ph.D., President of the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences

"Excellent content and presentation. I will be very happy when more of my students and associates contribute as much as Dan has to the enlightenment and evolution of humanity through breathwork."

Leonard Orr
Founder of Rebirth International

Breath Therapy Can Help


One of the models we are practicing here is called “Breath Therapy.” Here are some things to note:

  • Any psychotherapist, counselor, medical doctor or anyone in the helping or healing profession, if they do conscious breathing, they will be far better at what they do than others in their field who are not conscious of the breath.
  • Psychotherapists who use the breath for their own clearing, centering and balancing − and who integrate breath awareness and conscious breathing into to their psychotherapy practice − get far better results than their peers who are unaware of the power of the breath.
  • Breathwork is now mandatory in psychotherapy training in several countries in Europe; there’s a Breathwork module in their training.
  • There is so much scientific evidence that physical, emotional and psychological issues are associated with dysfunctional breathing patterns. It is very hard to find any problems that are not triggered by dysfunctional breathing or made worse by it.

 And so, before you go prescribing medications or launching into various therapeutic processes, first evaluate the breathing and make sure there aren’t any habits or patterns that are causing the problem or exacerbating it…

 An excerpt from Dan Brule speaking at his latest workshop

Here’s How People Usually Learn the Fundamentals of Breathwork from Dan Brulé

For those looking to seriously advance their understanding of the basics of breath therapy—especially as Dan teaches it—you usually have to attend a live, 3-day workshop call the Foundation Course.

The cost of one of his recent Foundation Course workshops in Australia was up to $4,000 per attendee. And, factoring in the cost of things like travel, accommodation, food and drinks etc. this is a significant commitment for all who attend.

And as you can see, this workshop was fully booked. Everyone attending not only received the expert teaching and guidance from Dan, but also got a certificate of completion afterwards to verify they took the course.

Unfortunately, because it’s a live workshop, even those who could afford the steep price still had to jump around another big hurdle… that the even goes for 3 days!

So even those that could easily afford it often had trouble making it to these brilliant workshops.


A Brand-New Way to Learn Dan Brule’s Foundation Course to Breath Therapy

That’s also cheaper, more convenient, works around your schedule, is always available, and provides the same level of teaching that his live workshops provide

 Now, for the first time ever, you can get the exact same lessons from Dan Brule’s live Australian workshop for a fraction of the price and available to you on-demand, and always available.

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Amazing Foundation Course

Remember, this is from Dan Brule’s live, 3-day workshop, so you don’t miss out on a thing!

Module 1: Open and Expand, Relax and Let Go & Breath Therapy

You’ll discover:

  • The basic tenants of breath therapy—allowing you to understand why it’s so powerful and how you can best use these simple techniques during your day
  • Using breath as a tool to heal—the incredible reasons why breathing is so important to your health and well-being
  • Why many countries across Europe make breath-work a mandatory subject of study for psychotherapists
  • The 2 ‘Core Ideas’ of breath therapy(and how they work together in tandem to help rid your body of old limiting habits, ready to be replaced by new habits that serve YOU)


Module 2: The Student-Teacher Relationship & Freedom and Safety

You’ll discover: 

  • What makes breathwork so different from the other healing modalities and practices
  • Why the ‘fluid nature’ between student and teacher is so important—and how you can embrace this aspect of breath therapy to get more from your practice and supercharge your results
  • How the guidelines for breathwork enable you to get the most out of your practice
  • The importance of the ‘2 Rules of Breathwork’ (which help you naturally flourish and become all you mean to be) - Freedom & Safety


Module 3: Breath Awareness & Conscious Breathing

You’ll discover:

  • The 2 basic aspects of breath-work which allow you to begin your journey to breath mastery: Breath Awareness & Conscious Breathing
  • The ‘dance’ between the two aspects of breath-work which allows you to be in the moment and aware (and how to quickly take charge, take control of your breathing and in turn, your life)
  • How Breath Awareness fosters meditative awareness (and then becomes a form of breathing meditation)
  • Why “passive” breathing is equally important as “active” breathing (and how to jump between the two types at will)
  • The ‘4 C’s’ of breathing—fundamental to making massive changes in your breathing and progress within breath therapy
  • Why ‘pauses’ and ‘gaps’ in your breathing are so common (and why it’s crucialto CHANGE this pattern of breathing behaviour if you want to advance in breath mastery—you’ll be shown how to do this too, don’t worry!)

Dr David Dugan

CEO of Abundance Global


Module 4: The Principles of Breath Therapy

You’ll discover:

  • The 5 Principles of Breath Therapy:
    • In the first principleyou’ll learn some of the guaranteed physiological changes which happen to your body depending on the breathing techniques you do—PLUS you’ll be taught the most important techniques to practice as a beginner, so you don’t get overwhelmed with other breath techniques
    • The second principlewill show you how an ‘obvious yet hidden’ concept has the power to completely make (or break) your breathing therapy practice—no matter how technically brilliant you may be
    • The third principledelves into meaning of the saying: “water only rises to its own level.” This saying will become immensely powerful for you—it will likely transform your perceptions on teaching, of yourself, and of teachers and practitioners around you
    • The fourth principlelooks inside your own mind to ask questions which may be deeply uncomfortable or confronting.But for those honest with themselves and open to a truereality, this opens up amazing opportunities for you and your life.
    • The fifth principleis hard to describe. We’ll just call it ‘Something Else’ for now and leave you to experience it yourself when you enrol in the course.


Module 5: 20 Connected Breaths

You’ll discover:

  • One of the most fundamental practices of breath therapy in use since the 70’s
  • What ‘Connected Breathing’ is (and why it’s necessary for transformation through breathing)
  • How ‘Connected Breathing’ helps break habitual patterns, and provides a platform for restructuring and re-patterning the mind-body system—effectively ‘burning’ away the limiting habits, patterns, and structures which may already exist


Module 6: Sigh of Relief & Yawning

You’ll discover: 

  • The state of the art and cutting-edge technique used as a “secret handshake” amongst breath therapy practitioners
  • How to trigger an autonomic response in others at will(and why you’ll be able to quickly turn every yawn into an opportunity for powerful breath therapy practice)
  • What the significance of both a “sigh of relief” and a “yawn” is—and why it’s so important if you’re ever in a team environment
  • Why professionals in life and death situations such as anti-terrorism and hostage negotiations practice this powerful technique (and how you can use it to calm anxiety or stress PLUS boost performance during your day-to-day life)
  • How to get even more benefit from your “sighs of relief” and yawns—both of which stimulate neurological activity which amazes neuroscientists (in fact, there’s no single activity that ‘lights up’ more parts of the brain and has more neurological effects than a yawn!)


And That’s Not Even HALF of the Modules!

Imagine what you’ll uncover within the remaining 15 modules. Just think of what you could learn with the guidance of a true breathing master like Dan Brule!

I don't need to read anymore - I'm Interested!


Here’s a sneak peek at the full course:

Day 1

  • Module 1: Open and Expand, Relax and Let Go & Breath Therapy
  • Module 2: The Student-Teacher Relationship & Freedom and Safety
  • Module 3: Breath Awareness & Conscious Breathing
  • Module 4: The Principles of Breath Therapy
  • Module 5: Breath Awareness & Conscious Breathing
  • Module 6: Sigh of Relief and Yawning
  • Module 7: Formula of Transformation
  • Module 8: The 3 Cornerstones of Breathwork
  • Module 9: The Basic Series and the Triangle Breath
  • Module 10: Nose & Mouth Breathing
  • Module 11: Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Module 12: Eight Paths in Breathwork

Day 2

  • Module 13: Three Questions to Ask a Client
  • Module 14: Getting Caught Up in the Complexity of a Practice
  • Module 15: The Three Convergences in Breathwork, Consciousness & the Mind
  • Module 16: Balance in your Breathing Practice
  • Module 17: Chinese Medical Breathing Exercises
  • Module 18: Zen and the Art of Breathing
  • Module 19: Sufi Breathing
  • Module 20: Shamanic Breathing Exercises

Day 3

  • Module 21: Vivation: The Skill of Happiness
  • Module 22: The Four Dimensions of Awareness
  • Module 23: Internal Awareness
  • Module 24: Cycles & The Hero’s Journey
  • Module 25: Questions & Answers

There’s over 9 hours of professionally filmed teaching within this 25-module course and you get access to all of it!

Note: This is HANDS DOWN the FASTEST way to learning the basics of breath therapy. Taught by a master with over 40 years of experience, you’ll benefit from Dan Brule’s direct, easy to understand (and often funny) way to teaching breath-work.

200,000+ people have already taken breathing workshops through Dan and we want you to join this new breakthrough in all-natural therapy.

Here's Our "You Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee 

A personal note from us: 

We got so much from working with Dan. After twisting his arm (ok it wasn't that hard) we 100% guarantee that you will LOVE this course. AND... that you will be able to immediately put what you learn into action and experience RESULTS straight away. 

Just send us a message with your feedback within 14 days of purchase and  we will give you your money back, no questions asked.(terms and conditions apply)

Sound Fair?

This is truely a LIMITED OFFER, so claim your access with your guarantee now and breathe freely!

AND when you LOVE it, let us know what has made the greatest impact for you.

We are passionate about serving others and are committed to sharing this work with others.

Join over 200,000 other people who have been impacted by breathing with Dan.

Much Love, 
Shane & Angelina Saunders
Founders of O2 Collective & Breathe Me

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