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Breathwork Fundamentals With Dan Brulé

The fastest way to learn the basics of breath therapy... 

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☑️ Unlimited access to the Breathwork Fundamentals Online Course.

☑️ 9 Hours of Learning Ancient Breathing Practices and Philosophies.

☑️ BONUSES Including Breathing Exercises, Meditations, and bonus footage!

☑️ Downloadable Guidebook to support you in learning the Fundamentals of Breathwork.

☑️ Certificate of completion with learning hours that could be used for continued education (check your certifying body).

☑️ Community to support you inside the members area.

☑️ Exclusive FB Community to learn and breathe together.

What Others Have To Say:

"Dan Brulé is the real deal. He provides real insight on what to expect and many varieties of breath training from a spectrum of sources. There is not a pretentious wave in his being. I found myself deeply moved, energized, and vibrating at wavelengths I’d never imagined. Take this journey with him!"
Brian G.
Upper West Side, New York City

"Very good lectures, including theory, practice and application. People have benefited from using breathing techniques for physical and mental wellbeing, stress relief and better performance in sports to name a few.  I would recommend this course as a great resource for all people wanting to improve their knowledge and practice of breathing techniques."
Trevor K.
United Kingdom 

25 Modules Included:

  1. Open and Expand, Relax and let Go and Breath Therapy
  2. Student-Teacher Relationship and Freedom and Safety
  3. Breath Awareness and Conscious Breathing
  4. The Five Principles of Breath Therapy
  5. Conscious Breathing and Two Core Techniques
  6. Sigh of Relief and Yawning
  7. Formula of Transformation
  8. The 3 Cornerstones of Breathwork
  9. Basic Series and the Triangle Breath
  10. Nose and Mouth Breathing
  11. Diaphragmatic Breathing
  12. Eight Paths in Breathwork
  13. Questions to Ask a Client
  14. Getting Caught up on the Complexity of a Practice
  15. The Three Convergences of Breathwork
  16. Balance in your Breathing Practice
  17. Chinese Medical Breathing Exercises
  18. Zen and the Art of Breathing
  19. Sufi Breathing
  20. Shamanic Breathing Exercise
  21. Vivation Breathing Technique
  22. The Four Dimensions of Awareness
  23. Internal Awareness
  24. Cycles and The Hero's Journey
  25. Q & A

More on what people are saying about the course...

"What a surprise this course! I thought I was going to learn about a breathing method but I learnt so much more. Dan is an amazing teacher, I could listen to his teachings and stories all day long. This course opened my eyes to a world I didn’t know existed and gave me so many tools to practice with."
Mioara B.
From Melbourne Australia

"I loved the course. I could listen to Dan for weeks and now I can. :-) Always more to know, always more to practice. Somehow I need to hear the words over and over again. The course gives me an opportunity to study in the way I like. With video and audio. Reading doesn't give me the same knowledge. It is the way Dan tells it. He is a guide. Thank you and I am looking forward to more courses"
Vinada V.
The Netherlands